Life is pretty busy, and you don’t always have time to drive all over the city for multiple appointments and lab tests. At LibertyMed Health Group in Glendale, California, Ara Shafrazian, MD, and Arthur Babakhanians, MD, offer on-site labs for your convenience. You save time and money by having all of your medical needs served in one location. Call the practice or make an appointment online today.

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What are the available on-site lab services?

The team at LibertyMed Health Group offers a comprehensive range of on-site lab tests, including:

  • Strep tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Complete blood panels
  • Hormone assessments
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing
  • Flu tests
  • Biopsies
  • Pap smears
  • STD testing
  • Drug tests

Your provider talks to you about any necessary lab tests and provides instructions to prepare, such as whether you need to fast.

Why would I need on-site labs?

Lab tests are valuable diagnostic tools. Your provider uses lab tests in many situations to learn more about your health and inform your treatment plans.

For example, some tests are standard preventive health screenings. You should have a complete blood panel every year or so to monitor your cholesterol and glucose levels as well as your kidney, liver, and thyroid function.

Your provider might also order lab tests if you have symptoms of illnesses like strep throat, urinary tract infections, or the flu. They might order lab tests to gather more information to diagnose the cause of unexpected weight changes, pain, or fatigue.

Your provider also uses lab work to monitor the effectiveness of treatments or lifestyle modifications to reduce your risk of disease and optimize your health.

What are the benefits of on-site labs?

On-site lab testing provides many benefits for you and your family.


The on-site labs at LibertyMed Health Group are convenient. You can have your tests at the same time as your appointment. You don’t need to make another appointment at an off-site lab or waste time at a walk-in center.

Rapid results

Your provider gets the results of your tests quickly. This allows them to evaluate your health, diagnose disease, and provide any necessary treatment as promptly as possible. They don’t need to wait on an outside lab to return your results and can prioritize testing in an emergency.

The team at LibertyMed Health Group is committed to providing the best possible medical care to you and your family. Their on-site labs enhance your experience and help them deliver customized care to treat and prevent disease.

Call LibertyMed Health Group or make an appointment online today for convenient primary and urgent care services, including on-site lab tests.