At LibertyMed Health Group in Glendale, California, experienced physicians Arthur Babakhanians, MD, and Ara Shafrazian, MD, offer the convenience of on-site joint injections. These injections can relieve inflammation and pain that are common with arthritis, tendonitis, and other chronic joint conditions. If you’re unable to stay physically active due to persistent joint pain, contact LibertyMed Health Group online or by phone today to find out if you’re a candidate for joint injections.

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What are joint injections?

Joint injections are a treatment option for chronic pain and limited mobility in your joints. The injections contain an anesthetic medication to numb your nerves and a steroid medication to reduce inflammation to help your joint heal naturally.

The medical team at LibertyMed Health Group offers in-office joint injections for your convenience. They provide comprehensive diagnostic testing to evaluate your joint health and may recommend joint injections as part of your treatment for:

  • Gout
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

You may also benefit from joint injections to treat acute joint injuries.

The goals of a joint injection are to alleviate your persistent pain and help you stay physically active to preserve your joint health.

What can I expect during a joint injection?

The LibertyMed Health Group team offers in-office joint injections as an outpatient procedure. During your treatment, your provider cleans the skin in the area surrounding your joint. They inject the steroid and anesthetic medicines directly into the affected joint using a needle.

In some cases, joint injections require imaging guidance from fluoroscopy, a type of live X-ray technology. This imaging guidance ensures your joint injection goes into a precise location within your joint.

The injection procedure requires no incisions, and you can expect to go home and back to your usual activities without any limitations.

How effective is a joint injection?

When you’re experiencing chronic pain and inflammation from joint disease or injury, but can’t find relief from over-the-counter medications, a joint injection may help.

The medications in the injection reduce inflammation to improve your joint function and quiet your nerves to ease your pain. It can take a day or two to notice the full effect of the joint injection, but many patients enjoy several weeks of symptom relief following the procedure.

The team at LibertyMed Health Group can provide additional joint injections as necessary to keep your pain under control and improve the mobility of your joint.

In addition to joint injections, your provider may recommend physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support your joint and keep you active and pain-free.

If you’re limited by arthritis or other chronic joint condition, schedule an evaluation at LibertyMed Health Group online or by calling the office today.